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Welcome to the free Lineage 2 server – L2PreSence !. This project was created by the same players as you. The server has been carefully configured and tested. We only use L2OFF files.

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    (Polski) Start serwera

    (Polski) Start serwera

    Dear friends! Welcome to the new Interlude x4 server. Official start on August 31, 2021, 18:00. – Server files: L2off – Chronicle: Interlude – In every city cat-buffer – Automatic skill learning – Offline store (72h) – RB 85 – Siege – Seven Signs – …

    (Polski) Start serwera

About the server

When you start playing on our server, you can be sure that if you play fair and keep your account secure, nothing will happen to your character. The server administration is constantly copying the database with your game characters. At the moment, the server is operated by a team of administrators, game masters and supporters. Our team works every day to modify the server side and improve the gameplay. We take into account and analyze all the wishes of the players on the server, and constantly communicate with players on the forum and in the game. Please visit the forum where you can describe your requests, problems related to the game.

Server installments L2PreSence:

  • Spoil chance: 4x
  • Spoil Amount: 1x
  • Quest Adena: 4x
  • Quest XP/SP: 4x
  • Quest item reward: 1x
  • CH Taxes: 4x
  • XP:4x
  • SP:4x
  • Item Drop Rate: 4x
  • Item Drop Amount:1x
  • Adena: 4x

Server hardware:

  • CPU: Xeon E5-2430 V2
  • Mem: 48 GB
  • SSD: 2 x 240 GB Raid 1
  • Bandwidth 100 Mbps
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This is only a test server for Lineage 2. All rights reserved by Ncsoft.

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