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Warning! The server has automatic protection against bots and third-party programs. Before starting the client, disable all bot programs, window downloads, proxies, verifiers, radars, batch programs, all those programs that may interfere with the client’s work or intercept client traffic, even if these programs are running on your computer and you are using them on another server!

Installation instructions


System requirements

Operating systemWindows 7/8.0/8.1/10
Installed updatesNetFramework 3.5, DirectX 9.1
CPUMin Core2Duo 3GHz
RAM2GB + 4GB swap file
Space Required6GB on HDD/SSD
Graphics CardMin GeForce 8400gs


Warning! If your anti-virus program has detected a virus in the game’s dll files, don’t worry, it’s not a virus, it is encoded by themid. All files in it are defined as viruses because they cannot read the contents of the file. Without these files, the game will not start.


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